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Göteborgsposten 17.05.2001

Norrländska socialdemokraten 19.04.2001

Corren  29.04.2001

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Cover story of India Today!

Some letters that were sent to India Today in response to the publishing of an expose article

UNESCO media advisery explaining their withdrawal from co-sponsorship of an educational conference in Puttaparthi

Expose article from the same people who exposed the corruption in the Indian Govt

The transcript of a program done by BBC Radio

The English translation of a story done by Bild Magazine of Germany

The English translation of a story done by Elohim Magazine

NHNE article with good information

The Nexus editor's note regarding the molestations

The expose article in the famous Nexus Magazine

Another news article

Another news article from Europe

News article from the India Today

English translation of an article Divine Downfall

News article printed in The Week

Another news article printed in The Vancouver Sun

News article in the Ottawa Citizen

An editor of an Indian newspaper complaining about oppression of expose when it comes to exposing Sathya Sai Baba