”SSB omgiven av sina vårdare en helt vanlig dag på ålderdomshemmets senilavdelning”
(trans: "SSB surrounded by his nurses as per usual in the old people's home for the senile")
Note the de luxe wheelchair & expensive golden handrails

When he broke his hip (June 4, 2003), SSB declared: "The reason is the ill health of this body. I have neither taken upon Myself the illness of anybody nor has it emerged from this body." Then he said in a discourse - as reported in Sanathana Sarathi July, 2003:
"For anybody else, it would have taken at least two to three years to walk normally. The ball in the hip joint got separated." p.230 and...
"The doctors said that one year's rest was required for the hip injury to heal completely. I told them it would, not take one year." p.259.

"Now I have recovered and am standing before you. What is the medicine I have taken. The intense prayers of devotees is my medicine" Sanathana Sarathi August 2003, p. 225.
A premature pronouncement, if ever an avatar made one! Are all the prayers of devotees for him faiingl him then? What an absurdity!

He has also stated: "I do not suffer form any kind of disease because there is no trace of greed in Me. That is why I am always healthy..." (Sanathana Sarathi September 2001, page 257f See more here). So what causes the degneration of his bones that has led to a second hip injury and two recent bone breakages in his upper torso?

But look at him now then. Is he fit? Could his illness come from having lost "patience, purity and perseverance" which is the reason he has given for bodily ill-health affecting others. He is also reported to be confused and dull these days. How come, is he taking on someone else's senility?