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Masterclass 2010 was continuation of last year’s divine play in which all participants took part in line with cosmic order. The leading theme was sharing and learning how to remove ignorance from everyday life. Each day brought everyone surprising solutions and clearly indicated where they are and what role they had been given in that divine play. Conny Larsson perfectly arranged and led those meetings. His sharing, full of profound meaning, gave the participants answers to their questions and advice as to how to act to enjoy life and take on greater and more responsible roles.

Each of us is responsible for our life which we create every day. If we follow the cosmic order, we will not suffer and will be able to enjoy life. We will know by the results if we are going in the right direction. Following our programme we always have to remember key principles – values, such as truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence. One value arises from another. Truth comes from the kernel of existence itself, i.e. from the source of love where everything has its beginning. Throughout life we should always say and spread the truth. We have to be honest to ourselves and others. Even the worst, painful truth arising from love is better from that which is pretended and better than concealment in the name of the so called good.  Every action, every lie comes back in the form of karma and causes suffering.

During mantra meditation we feel the closeness of God, who helps us cut through all the layers of ignorance and get through to the source of love, where everything already is available. Mantras lead us peacefully and safely to that source, from where action is simple and easy. When we get through to the source, we immerse in silence and clearly hear the voice of God, in the form of our intuition, which tells us what is good or bad, what we should and should not do. All the time mantras take care of us and let us know if we are going in the right direction. When you are with the mantra, the mantra is with you and lets you know when you want to do something stupid for which you will have to pay one day. I feel it clearly, enjoy it and I am certain that mantras play the role of my teacher and lead me in a good direction.

During this year’s Masterclass I experienced joy every day. I was happy to have with me there teachers from my Centre – Jola, Agnieszka and Kasia and that we could all together participate in meetings with spiritually advanced people. We learned a lot of interesting things and we shared our emotions arising from that process. Jola, my great translator of English, helped me, as usual, understand everything in every single detail, and I could express what I felt and share my knowledge with others. Every day gave me confirmation that the “direction of yoga” I adopted 15 years ago was embedded in my divine programme, which I have been following every day in line with divine order.

During Masterclass I felt as if I had come to Cyprus to accept the greatest reward or play the leading role. My joy is enormous. I am happy with everything around me. I feel divine care and I am not afraid of anything. I have wonderful, devoted people around me with whom I work and I keep walking on without looking back. My heart is filled with gratitude, especially to my first teachers who showed me this path and who - when things got rough – supported me and assured me that the direction was good. I will never forget dr Maria Stróżyk, who taught me for 10 years how to straighten my crooked physical body through yogic asanas. Her determination in maintaining order and discipline in everything you do, has stayed with me forever. That is why I can enjoy today my body, health and life. Conny Larsson, on the other hand, is a teacher specialising in broken hearts and lost souls. Like nobody else, he can motivate everyone to act and brings out the best in them. He has been and still is the engine behind my actions. I know today how important it is to have a healthy and strong physical body to experience joy arising from discovery of one’s spirituality. I was fortunate to have met them both on the path of my life.     

Anna Rykowska-Grzywna

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