Sr. Leonardo Gutter
Chairman Zone 2, Latin America
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dear Sir.

My name is Conny Larsson, from Sweden, and I have
received a letter that you sent out to fellow members
of the organization of which you are an officer.

Of course you have your faith and your beliefs in Sai
Baba. But, in reference to your quoting of Jesus'
teaching, "Ye shall know them by their fruits," it is
a sad contrast to see that you are showing just the
opposite values, not the human values of Truth,
Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-injury that we all
learned so eagerly within the Sai organisation and
believed in.

Your mistakes are as follows:

1. I, Conny Larsson, never said that I was sitting on
Sai Baba's chair. Yet it is a well known fact that I
always sat beside his chair directly on his right
side. I am hoping that you have misunderstood me. For
now, I will assume that you did not lie.

2. I, Conny Larsson, never went to Hollywood; the
producer came to visit me in Windham, 3 hours drive
outside New York, up on a mountain, where some Sai
devotees kindly opened their house for our meeting. I
wasn't eager to do this film at all. It was the
producer who was interested because he had seen a
video of me telling my story at a meeting of Sai
followers in the States. He then insisted and
convinced me that it was a story that would touch
the heart of everyone and that is why I agreed to let
him do a film on my life history. As far as I was
aware, it was to be in relation to my knowledge
concerning Sai Baba.

3. I was not involved in selecting Dustin Hoffman or
any other actor. That decision was totally up to the
producer. My only involvement was in allowing them to
write a film script on the story, and they came to
Sweden in order to do that. I never earned any money
from the project and I immediately stopped my
involvement as soon as it became clear to me that Sai
Baba was molesting young boys of both Indian and
western origin.

4. Your describing me to your followers as having
"enormous mental confusion" speaks more about your own
state, since you do not have any
information about me.

I speak about Sai Baba from my own true and real
experience of molestation. And please note that I was
certainly not molested for 21 years, as you have
stated. It was for a period of 4 years, between
1979-1983, that Baba had sexual interaction with me,
under the pretense that it was divine activity.

Thereafter I received his blessings in other ways. I
have never, ever, been upset or angry about Sai's
attention towards me during all the interviews I
had. But now I feel I was fooled and misled into
believing in something that was not true. He has never
put me off, as you so describe in different ways.
I was always welcomed by him and in that sense I have
no complaints. I only complain about his manipulation
of me. Yes, it is correct that I was his devotee for
21 years. And after the sexual molestation period
ended-- I was tremendously relieved and happy that
this phase ended--I continued being his devotee. That
is more than a lot of people have done. I wasn't with
him because he cured me of any physical ailments, I
was with him because I was looking for God and thought
that I had found Him.

5. It is very easy to see the sleight of hand he
performs on almost every video if you see it in slow
motion. I myself found out about his cheating
from behind the cushion he has behind his back on his
chair. It was all there, watches, rings and so on.
This was during my second interview in June 1979. Of
course I was shocked, even though I had been close
enough earlier to see his cheating as many of the
close devotees have. You will soon see broadcast on
numerous TV stations worldwide Baba's clear-cut
cheating, with vibhuti, lingams, rings, watches and so
forth. The evidence is so overwhelming that only a
blind person would deny it.

Of course, Mr. Gutter, you have your right to stay in
denial, but do not say that you have the truth, or
that other people are Judases, especially when it is
clear that you are not following the right way of
conduct by openly spreading incorrect information.

Do you really believe that you have to protect your
God? Do you think a God should molest his children? Do
you think a God needs to cheat?

Time will show what is real Truth and Righteousness
and who is the real follower of Dharma.

With this I wish you and your readers the very best.
In the service of the truth

Conny Larsson

[Former National Spiritual Coordinator for the Sai
Organisation in Sweden, between the years of 1993-96,
and now a former devotee.]