3 questions to
Conny Larsson

who wrote the autobiography "Behind the Clown's Mask" on his difficult life in a family of abusing parents. (translated from the Swedish)

So this book is based on personal experience?
-Yes, that's correct. The book is entirely autobiographical. I grew up in an abusive family and had such a tough childhood that I couldn't even speak clearly before I was ten years old. Later I learned through the goodness of life. I came into contact with the world of theatre, went to the Theatre Academy and became an actor at Malmo State Theatre. But my spiritual quest brought me into different movements and sects, for a number of years I was in the same sect as members of the Beatles.
After that I went over to the Sai Baba movement, which claims at least 50 million followers around the world. I was there until 1999, when I broke with them because the leader was exposed as a total fraud. It is a sect in which there is harassments, sexual abuses and huge financial deceits.

Why did you write the book?
I had brought so many people into this movement and felt guilty because I had not seen what was going on. I am forced to tell about it. Reduce my guilt.

What are you doing now?
Working as a director for a treatment home for drug users.
Thomas Gustafsson
(from Sweden's national daily newspaper Aftonblad)